It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of International History Blog. This Blog provides an open platform which the Department can engage a wide audience on broad themes within the realm of international history. By combining historical analysis and attention to contemporary global affairs, we hope to flesh out the continuities and complexities that continue to shape the world around us. It provides scholars at many levels, from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, with an opportunity to engage with a broader audience and to showcase current work.

Historical research and perspective is often lacking in discussion of contemporary problems, and in the way governments approach policymaking. The need to understand the historical dimension to our current concerns and predicaments will only increase in the coming years as policymakers look for fresh perspectives and answers to ongoing challenges. Whether it is the the rise of China; US foreign policy; the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear programme; the impact of Brexit on Europe and and the UK; armed conflict in the Middle East; Russia’s approach in world affairs; the affects of a global pandemic; or famine and conflict in Africa, this Blog encourages the application of history to major issues in international affairs.

I hope readers find the Blog useful and enlightening, and that they also will contribute to the discussions and analyses that it hopes to generate.

Professor Matthew Jones
Head of Department