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La Physiocratie in South America, an Enduring Legacy

In this post Camilo Arango Duque examines the enduring legacy of the Physiocratic School and argues that its impact on politics and policy in South America needs to be addressed in order to ensure greater environmental protection. 

Physiocracy is a French economic school that originated in the 18th century during the Enlightenment. The initial recognition gained by its postulates was brief and waned in […]

The ‘Pizza Effect’ on Nations and Nationalism

In this article Curtis Large analyses the effect of ‘re-enculturation’ on nations and nationalism. Drawing on the notion of ‘invented traditions’, he explores different ways in which the ‘pizza effect’ can impact ethnic and political communities. He argues that this phenomenon might materialise in several ways, including by fostering ‘hot nationalism’ and solidifying hierarchies.

The Day of the Dead in […]

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