Dr Roham Alvandi
Research Interests: Iran; Modern Middle East; Cold War
Professor Nigel Ashton
Research Interests: Anglo-American Relations; Modern Middle-East
Research Interests: Early Modern and Modern Europe and Middle East; Ottoman Empire,Turkey; Germany
Research Interests: Modern East Asian History; Modern Japan
Dr Megan Black
Research Interests:
US and the World; Environmental History; Political Economy; Nineteenth and Twentieth Century US History
Dr Anna Cant
Research Interests: Mass communication; Modern Latin American History; Rural Development
Professor Steven Casey
Research Interests: 20th-Century United States
Dr Dina Gusejnova
Research Interests: Modern European History; Intellectual and Cultural History; History and Social Theory
Dr Tanya Harmer
Research Interests: Latin America; Cold War
Dr Tim Hochstrasser
Research Interests: Early Modern History; the Enlightenment; Intellectual History
Professor Matthew Jones
Research Interests: British Foreign and Defence Policy since the Second World War; Nuclear History during the Cold War; Vietnam War; British Decolonisation and South East Asia; US Foreign Relations since 1941; Anglo-American Relations
Dr Paul Keenan
Research Interests: Cultural History of 18th-Century Russia
Dr Joanna Lewis
Research Interests: Modern African History
Dr N. Piers Ludlow
Research Interests: Western Europe since 1945; European Integration
Research interests: Modern Europe; Europe’s Relations with the Wider World
Dr Ronald C Po
Research interests: History of China; Maritime Studies; History of Cartography; Frontier Studies; Global History
Professor Anita Prazmowska
Research Interests: Modern Eastern Europe
Dr Svetozar Rajak
Research Interests: Cold War; Eastern Europe; Balkans
Dr Kirsten Schulze
Research Interests: Ethnic and Communal Conflict in Indonesia; Militant Islamism in Indonesia; Counter-Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism in Indonesia
Dr Taylor C. Sherman
Research Interests: Modern South Asian History
Dr Gagan D. S. Sood
Research Interests: Premodern India and the Islamic Heartlands; the Mughal, Safavid and Ottoman Empires; Early Modern Globalisation; Transition to Modern Colonialism
Dr Aino Rosa Kristina Spohr
Research Interests: Germany after 1945; Cold War Summitry; the Global Ending of the Cold War; Theory and Practice of Contemporary History
Professor David Stevenson
Research Interests: Modern European international Relations; First World War
Research Interests: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Intellectual and Cultural History
Dr Imaobong Umoren
Research interests: Race and Gender in the Caribbean; 19th and 20th Century Wider African Diaspora
Professor Vladislav Zubok
Research Interests: Cold War; 20th-Century Russia