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Review Essay | The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism by Thomas Frank

Given the alarming recent support for reactionary Right-wing populist politicians around the world, discussions of populism as a cultural-political phenomenon have become increasingly important. In this detailed review, Andrew Urie reviews Thomas Frank’s book The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism (2020), which provides an engaging history of American populism and its Left-wing potential.

Thomas Frank has long been one […]

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Uparming ‘Little Sparta’: The Impact of Emirati F-35s on Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge and the History of Arab Military Effectiveness

In this post Jack Sargent explores the implications of the US’s intention to sell the F-35 fighter jet to the United Arab Emirates. He argues that this move could present a serious challenge to Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge, despite the fact that similar US deals with Egypt and Saudi Arabia have failed to overcome Israeli dominance in the region. 


In […]

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Donald Trump Didn’t Break American Foreign Policymaking– It’s Been Broken for Decades

Throughout the twentieth century, US Presidents have utilized the National Security Council (NSC) in assisting with foreign and defense policy. However, after President Kennedy brought in outside advisors and informal groups in the 1960s, the system began to deteriorate, leading to an expansive growth of executive power and a major diminishment of the interagency foreign policymaking process. In this […]

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Donald Trump is Weak on Foreign Policy – And the Democrats Are Blowing It: A Historical Perspective

At the Democratic Party presidential debate held this month in Ohio, the candidates sparred over topics that have so far defined the campaign: impeachment, the economy, gun safety, immigration, education, income inequality, corruption, the opioid epidemic, and of course, “Medicare for All.”

However, during a debate that lasted nearly three hours, less than 15 minutes was spent tackling foreign policy […]

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Ireland and Anglo-American Relations: From the Treaty of Versailles to Brexit

With the clock ticking fast on the UK’s exit from the European Union, LSE’s Pádraig Manning explores the history of American-Irish relations, the impact of the Irish community in the United States on the Good Friday Agreement, and how a possible resurgence of the Irish bloc in America can influence the stalemate over the Irish backstop.


In August, US President […]

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