Strengthening the Strategic Core of London Plans

LSE London Roundtables 2023 – Follow up

As it quite recently emerged, substantive developmental/analytic work towards the next version of the London Plan (i.e., the Mayor’s Spatial Strategy) has been postponed until after the election of the next Mayor – 8 years after the starting point for the current Plan.

This offered us a space to reflect seriously both on the lessons of 5 previous rounds of London strategic planning (in substance and procedures) and on how significant potential shifts in the national and international environment as sources of radical uncertainty could best be reflected in a Plan coming into play in 2027/8.

We thus held two roundtables on Fridays October 20th and 27th at the LSE and invited a range of knowledgeable and engaged participants from different backgrounds. The sessions were very lively, and not formally recorded. So, we hope to advance discussion of the issues actually summarised here, and prepare for follow-ups.

Therefore, we would urge participants to continue debate on-line by sending us their blog contributions. And similarly for all those with interests in these issues who did not get to these (inherently small) events, we would appreciate any postings from you.

All contributions to be sent to Martina Rotolo via