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Charlie Beckett

June 8th, 2011

POLIS Journalism Conference: Reporting The World (March 23rd) #polis12


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Charlie Beckett

June 8th, 2011

POLIS Journalism Conference: Reporting The World (March 23rd) #polis12


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes



Here is the Polis Journalism Conference schedule – we start promptly at 9am but bear in mind it is subject to change! The topics will include debates in the main auditorium looking at journalism about Revolutions,  The Economy, Europe,  and Newspapers After Leveson.

There will be parallel sessions in a second venue, the Wolfson Workshops, with a more applied focus that will look at Reporting the Olympics, Creating A 360 Degree Newsroom, Leveson Inquiry Briefing on regulation and law, Journalism and Protest, Social media and international politics and Investigative Data Journalism.

So you can spend the whole day talking about journalism with journalists and hearing about cutting edge ways to improve coverage. We even provide sandwiches and coffee.

The conference is supported by the BBC and the European Broadcasting Union so there will be lots of international speakers and attendees. We will publish a proper schedule soon but speakers will change according to the news agenda and news events but here are some of the people signed up already:

Paul Mason BBC, Lyse Doucet BBC, Lindsey Hilsum C4News, Ben Fenton, Financial Times, Ian Katz (deputy Editor, The Guardian) Cilla Benkö (Deputy Director General, Swedish Radio), Julian Sarb (Director of News and Programmes, EuroNews), Vassilis Bitsis (D-G News and Current Affairs, ERT, Greece), Tom Coghlan (The Times), Joan Smith (The Independent), Graham Johnson (Former Sunday Mirror Investigations), Antonio Preziozi (Director of News, RAI, Italy), Iain J Martin (UK Freelance), Linda Yueh, (Economics Editor, Bloomberg), ARD Business Editor Peter Heilbrunner (Germany), Dr Damian Tambini (LSE), Hugh Tomlinson QC, Prof James Curran, Alex Thomson, Chief Correspondent, Channel 4 News, UK Uncut, Occupy LSX , Dale Farm Campaign,  Solana Larsen Global Voices,  Gregory Asmolov, LSE, Nicola Hughes, Dataminer/Guardian, Iain Overton (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism), Richard Sambrook (Cardiff University), Claire Wardle (Storyful), Owen Jones (Author: ‘Chavs’)

Here is the Polis conference schedule – bear in mind it is subject to change!:



















Here are the links to video and other details from last year’s  2011 conference:

1. Helen Boaden BBC Keynote Speech

2. Panel debate: How Do We Build Media and Democracy?

3. Panel debate: Is Political Journalism Working? [spin doctors versus political hacks]

4. Panel debate: After WikiLeaks

5. Panel debate: What Price Global News?

6. Panel debate: An Informed Society?

Here are some links to blogs about the event:

David Wilcox on DIY Media Democracy

Alison Powell on After WikiLeaks

Svenja Ziegert on After WikiLeaks

Mariam Cook on The Informed Society

Robert Philips wrote this about the Informed Society debate

Natalie Copuroglu on Power of the Press and Global News

See Damian Tambini’s slides on How To Build Media Democracy here

Here is the schedule for this all-day free conference on Friday June 10 in the New Academic Building, Lincolns Inn Fields, LSE. The hashtag is #polis11. Inevitably with a conference of working journalists this list changed.

You can download this as a document:  POLIS Journalism Conference 2011 handout

Around 400 people attended during the day.

Download biographical details of all the speakers

The POLIS Journalism Conference 2011: Media and Power  #polis11

This conference was hosted by POLIS, the journalism think-tank in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics, in association with the BBC College of Journalism, the European Broadcasting Union and the Thomson Foundation.

Sheikh Zayed Theatre Sessions
9.00am     Welcome by Charlie Beckett, Director, POLIS
9.15-10.00 The BBC and Democracy
Helen Boaden (BBC), Chair: Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Channel 4 News)

10.00-11.00 Media and The Revolutions

Chair: Nik Gowing (BBC World)

Hosam El Sokkari (Yahoo! Middle East), Alan Fisher (Al Jazeera), Bill Neely (ITV)

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-12.30 An Informed Society?

Chair: Adrian Monck (World Economic Forum), Stella Creasy MP, Robert Philips   (Edelman)  Julia Hobsbawn (Editorial Intelligence), John Harris (Guardian)

12.30-13.30 Lunch Break
13.30-14.30 Has The Press Lost Power?

Chair: Paul Waugh (PoliticsHome), Steve Richards (The Independent), Janan Ganesh (The Economist), Tim Montgomerie (ConservativeHome)

14.30-15.30  What Price Global News?

Chair: Cilla Benko (Deputy Director-General, Swedish Radio), Peter Horrocks (BBC), Antonio Caprarica (Rai), Ignasi Guardans (EBU), Hosam El Sokkari (Yahoo! Middle East)

Wolfson Theatre Sessions
9.00-10.00 How do we build media and democracy?

Chair: Zahera Harb (Thomson Foundation/ Nottingham University), Dr Damian Tambini (LSE), Agnes Callamard (Article 19), Laura Walker Hudson (Frontline SMS)

10.00-11.0     Political Journalism: Is it working?

Chair: Kevin Marsh (Former Editor, BBC) Carolyn Quinn (BBC Westminster Hour), Lance Price (former Labour Party Director of Communications), Simon Lewis (former Downing Street Director of Communications)

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-12.30 After WikiLeaks

Chair: Charlie Beckett (POLIS, LSE), James Ball (The Guardian), George Brock (City University) Angela Philips (Goldsmiths University), Alison Powell (LSE), John Naughton (Cambridge University/Observer)

12.30-13.30 Lunch Break
13.30-14.30 DIY Media Democracy

Chair: Nick Anstead (LSE), Mike Rawlins (Pits n Pots) Claire Sambrook (Independent investigative journalist and campaigner), David Wilcox ( David Babbs (Director, 38 Degrees)

You can download biographical details of all the speakers

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