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How to tell development stories – Bill Clinton at LSE

If all those books about political communications are to be believed then it should be easy to be as effective as Bill Clinton with the help of some speech writers, spin doctors and image consultants. Yet what is remarkable is how few politicians master the art of effortless, instinctive, impactful (sorry Robert Jay) speech.

July 11th, 2012|Development|1 Comment|

Why I think the Kony 2012 Campaign Is Wrong

I think the Kony12 campaign is wrong. It is wrong in content, tactics, strategy, ethics and politics. The Invisible Children organisation may well be doing some good work in East Africa, but this media effort is wrong. And it’s not just the wrong means to a good end, it’s a negative in itself. They should stop it or change it. […]


Who Is To Blame When Africa Starves: media, governments or NGOs?

A report from Oxfam and Save The Children on the East African food crisis shows that thousands of lives could have been saved if aid organisations had acted earlier. This was not a sudden disaster and yet not enough was done to prevent it escalating: Early signs of an oncoming food crisis were clear many months before the emergency reached […]


Four steps to success in a humanitarian appeal

Some people are exhausted by messages they receive from humanitarian NGOs. Many have become desensitized to images of distant suffering and repeated appeals for help. But, ultimately, people want to do good. So what can humanitarian NGOs do to better open the public’s hearts, minds—and pockets? Polis hosted a panel debate on this topic at LSE in partnership with Plan […]

November 15th, 2011|Development|2 Comments|

Connecting communities, connecting people: social media and humanitarian campaigns (guest blog)

What difference does social media make to a global campaign on a vast issue like HIV/Aids? Polis intern Wanda O’Brien reports on the latest Polis Media Agenda Talk. “Every minute a child is born with HIV.” How does that statement connect to YouTube? By 2015 The Global Fund is working to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV to create an HIV […]