International journalism

Are We Ignoring the Dark Side of the Internet? Evgeny Morozov at LSE (Guest blog)

This report on a lecture at the LSE by Evgeny Morozov is by POLIS intern, Beth Lowell. From discussions of Iran’s “Twitter Revolution” to praise for Google’s decision to stop its censorship in China, the Internet is often heralded as a vital tool for democracy.  The United States government in particular has long referred to the Internet as a beacon […]


Globalisation, media and UK communities

I have written a paper commissioned as part of JRF’s programme on Globalisation, which explores and promotes awareness of the impacts of globalisation on the UK and focuses on communities and people in poverty. It:

examines how global media has changed and its impact on low-income groups in the UK;
explains how communities in the UK benefit from and influence their […]


Wikileaks: now that's what I call an informed society…

The timing could not have been better. I am in Dubai to lead a global council discussion on Informed Societies with some top people from journalism, public relations, social media and universities. The Wikileaks revelations of how international diplomacy really works are a live experiment in how to inform the world through networked journalism, the combination of new media technologies […]


Not just for Christmas? How the Guardian tried to change development reporting

This report by Polis intern Aivory Gaw People are inherently self-interested.  But with this self-interest comes the occasional need for altruistic action.  Arise, Christmas charities where media outlets do their once a year act of humanitarian service that attracts people to donate to causes around the world.  However, the problem is, this kind of service occurs just once a year.  People donate money without really knowing where the funding goes or how […]


International News – it's connection not quantity that counts

A new research study out today tells us something we already knew: that international coverage in UK newspapers is declining. We know why. Market forces, cost-cutting and a lack of interest on the part of owners in the public value of international news in mass media. We also know, as the report acknowledges, that newspapers are not the main source […]