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Periodismo, redes y la nueva política interconectada

For Spanish readers here is the beginning of an article I wrote on the new networked political journalism for Estudios de Politica Exterior. You can download the article here as a pdf Internet y la telefonía móvil han dotado a los ciudadanos de nuevas herramientas de expresión y activismo político. Desde las revueltas árabes los medios de comunicación tradicionales han […]


POLIS Journalism Conference: Reporting The World (March 23rd) #polis12

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME – FIND LINKS TO VIDEO HERE   Here is the Polis Journalism Conference schedule – we start promptly at 9am but bear in mind it is subject to change! The topics will include debates in the main auditorium looking at journalism about Revolutions,  The Economy, Europe,  and Newspapers After Leveson. There will be parallel sessions in a second venue, […]


POLIS in Perugia: three big debates on international journalism

You can now watch the full video of three fascinating debates that I hosted at the International Festival of Journalism at Perugia this Easter.

We talked about the Death of the Foreign Correspondent, in which I argued the Devil’s Advocate position that we DON’T need the classic parachuting foreign correspondent from three minutes in. I was debating with Mimosa Martini (Tg5), […]


Al Jazeera: Leading The Citizen Media Revolution

We take it for granted now, but coverage of the uprisings in the Middle East this year would hardly have happened at times without social media. Put aside the silly debate about whether Twitter ’caused’ revolution and look instead at how it helped tell the story. Perhaps most important is how social media helped inform people in the region, catalysing […]


An Egyptian In London: Watching Revolution In My City Through Modern Media (Guest Blog)

Imagine that you are a young person stuck in London when your home city is engulfed in a revolution on the other side of the world. Your family and  friends are at the heart of a dangerous event that commands the attention of the world’s media. The Internet is swamped with frantic discussion and disturbing testimony. But can you really […]