Summer School

How a smartphone changed my mum’s life (guest blog)

This article is by Polis Summer School student You Xija

In 2009, smart phones became popular in China and my mum got her first Samsung. However, I was confused when my dad hesitated to give that little black thing to my mum, warning me ‘Don’t teach your mom to use that’.

It sounded quite weird but later on, I understood what he meant.

My […]


The challenge of connecting digital readers to quality content

This article by Polis LSE Summer School student Eleanor Jackson.

My Government teacher once told our class, somewhat jokingly, we should always read The Economist when flying. Why? Because once when a student of his began reading The Economist on the plane, a man sitting next to her commented on her good taste in news reading. After a brief conversation, […]


Does choice create less media diversity?

This article by Polis Summer School student Hanna Darroll  

We now have more choice of media sources than every before, but is this abundance actually creating a more diverse political news diet?

As part of the Polis LSE Summer School Ros Taylor, Managing Editor of LSE’s Democratic Audit, facilitated an insightful discussion about the dynamic relationship between the evolution of news […]


Listen: Polis Summer School Podcasts

This June, Polis hosted speakers from across the media to talk about their insights in to topics including new trends, positive news, investigative reporting and reporting humanitarian crises.

Jodie Jackson from the Constructive Journalism Project on her insights into the psychological benefits of consuming more ‘constructive’ news.

Kieran Yates- Freelance Journalist and Editor on her route into journalism through unconventional means

Leslie Knott, a […]


The biggest leak: the Panama Papers

By Hamza Iftikhar

Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with the Guardian. He has reported from Delhi, Berlin and Moscow and has covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. His new book Mafia State: How one reporter became an enemy of the brutal new Russia, is published by Guardian Books. He worked on the Guardian’s collaboration with WikiLeaks and Ed […]