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The Polis Journalism Conference April 5th 2013 #PolisTrust

We will post a link here to the video of the sessions in the near future. You can find the links to the video and audio podcasts next to the speakers in the schedule below. (Scroll down). You can find details of the 2014 Conference here Here are some links to news or blog coverage of the conference: BBC Newsroom […]


TV Is The New Media For This Election: Connecting People & Politicians

This is a weird election, especially from a media point of view. As I predicted, it is the TV election, but I hadn’t realised just how radically that might turn out. I have just spent half a day combing through the Sunday papers as part of a research for a book chapter on the 2010 election media. There is the […]

April 18th, 2010|Politics|3 Comments|

Celibates, priests or toffs? The future of freelance

This should be the golden age of freelance journalism but instead it is in danger of turning into a hobby. New media technologies combined with economic shakedown should mean that flexibility and innovation should thrive. Freelancers –  in my experience as a lifelong member of the salariat – have both in spades.

September 5th, 2009|Media|4 Comments|

Close BBC News 24? Can we reinvent rolling news?

Rolling 24 hour news channels drive the news agenda. They are on permanently in newsrooms, government and business offices. Every country used to have an airline as a symbol of national pride, now they have a news channel. CNN, BBC World, Sky, BBC News 24, Russia Today, Aljazeera, Al Arabiya, Press TV, and the rest provide a continual commentary on […]

July 1st, 2009|Journalism|6 Comments|

The BBC: from Fortress to Open House

The news that the BBC is planning to share its studios and other facilities with ITV regional news indicates that the fortresses of British public service broadcasting are coming tumbling down.

March 12th, 2009|Journalism, Media|0 Comments|