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The LSE Religion and Global Society interdisciplinary blog seeks to explore the place and role of religion in our globalised world. Posts on this blog demonstrate the numerous ways in which an understanding and awareness of religion is of practical and scholarly benefit, as well as the ways in which religion can either inspire or hinder positive change.

Modern transportation, mass migration and communication technology have brought about a global society where we are constantly interacting – as individuals, communities and publics – with others all around the world. Religion has long been central to those conversations as transnational identities that have engaged in both conflict and constructive dialogue for centuries.

Today there is great diversity of religious belief across the world which intersects in complex ways with political, economic and social questions. These need to be recognised and examined if we are to truly understand current affairs and the difficulties and opportunities of the 21st century. The goal of this project is to promote a vibrant, respectful debate which challenges our preconceptions of religion, or other religions, and encourages us instead to seek common ground.

At the same time, the appropriate limits of religion must be discussed. The Western secular model, though not homogenous, largely consigns overt religious claims and activity to the private sphere. In other parts of the world the distinction between religion and the more public aspects of life is largely meaningless. In a world of complex religious pluralism and diverse understandings of secularity, inevitable tensions arise.

The Religion and Global Society blog is a platform for academics and other expert commentators to share their insights on this complex, wide-reaching topic. As the LSE’s mission is ‘to know the causes of things’, the work of each LSE department must, at some stage, meet with the reality of religion. This blog therefore presents the latest work of LSE academics whose work touches on religion. We also warmly invite those outside of the School to write for the blog and to widen the discussion, particularly academics, politicians, journalists, charity workers and faith and community leaders.

We seek to host writers of very different views and backgrounds. We hope to support a richer conversation, not consensus or conformity.


If you are interested in writing a blog article please contact Flora Rustamova at or tweet us @LSE_RGS.

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Flora Rustamova is the editor of the LSE Religion and Global Society blog. She has a BA in Study of Religions and Social Anthropology, an MA in Religion in Global Politics, both from SOAS.



The views expressed on the Religion and Global Society blog reflect the views and opinions of individual contributors. The articles posted have been reviewed for content and seek to support academic integrity and dialogue. This blog does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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