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The LSE Religion Scholars Network is an interdisciplinary network of LSE PhD students and early-career researchers working on a broad range of topics related to religion.

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Blog posts by our Network members

What could happen to Shamima Begum’s child? A Family law perspective

The Syrian refugee crisis: Religious identity as a stronger predictor than national identity of helping in global emergencies

The Istanbul Convention in Croatia: Attending to the anxiety in the intersection of belief and policy-making

When racialised assumptions don’t fit: White Muslims and the contestation of threat

The Global ‘Body of Christ’ in Taiwan and Beyond

The sacred for the profane: How religion challenged secular politics in Israel & Palestine and The Islamic Republic of Iran at 40: the Revolution that made it

The religious and the secular: Why social scientists should take prayer seriously

The transcendental nation: The overlooked spiritual dimension of political polarisation

A female ordination: British orthodox Jewish women and the global community

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