As it is Welcome Week at LSE, current students and alumni from all cohorts give welcome and advice to new students to LSE’s Sociology department.

  • “Type up all your lecture notes and reading notes, it will come in handy when it comes to exam time.” – Andreea Rugeana, third year undergraduate student
  • “LSE Sociology is a department of ideas. You’ll be able to express your opinion in each of your classes and should soon feel comfortable doing so. There are no limits, it’s about being able to take an idea of your own and pursuing it with confidence.” – Elena Nicola, LSE Sociology alumni, graduated July 2016
  • “When you’re a sociology student at LSE you can feel either a bit like a fish out of water or like you’ve been thrown to the sharks. You have to stop comparing yourself to those around you and trying to be legitimated by them. Carve out you own niche, be true to yourself and you’ll discover some of the most fantastic people you’ve ever met at LSE (and have the most fantastic time too).”- Perdita Blinkhorn, third year undergraduate student and LSESU LGBT+ Officer
  • “Get involved with as much as you can! Societies, sports (even if you’ve never played before) because LSE is intense and you need to enjoy being a student while you can.” – Lucy Matthews, third year undergraduate student and President of the LSE Sociology and Social Justice Society
  • “Don’t be ashamed of where you are from, it is what has made you get to the LSE. Make friends, use those office hours and all the support you can, and do something you are passionate about!” – Ronda Daniel, third year undergraduate student and editor of the LSE Researching Sociology Blog
A warm welcome to all freshers. If you need any advice, don’t be afraid to ask your lecturer, academic advisor or other sociology students. Have a great time at the LSE!
From the LSE Sociology Department