States and nations

Love, Space-Time, and Language: a taste of Norwegian culture

by Alex Mellbye, MSc Sociology student at LSE


I would daresay that one of the reasons people are drawn to sociology is an aim for self-understanding, at least, this is certainly my case. However, as all who do sociology are aware of, the self, or to put it a different way, identity, is always contextual. For me now, the context […]

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Reaches Stagnation: could western notions of rights be the reason?

by Rabia Nasimi

Source: Author’s own photo
The freedom of a nation is to be achieved by itself – similarly the real emancipation of women can be realised only by themselves. If that freedom is bestowed by others, it may be seized and violated any time. (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA))

Farkhunda was beaten to death on the streets […]

The Refugee Struggle: an insight into the lives of refugees from Afghanistan

by MSc Sociology student, Rabia Nasimi

Source: Author’s own photo
During my university break (30th December 2015), I visited the Calais Jungle and a refugee camp inGermany. I was astonished by the living conditions. This blog aims to bring to life the reality of the refugees who are, to this day, trying to make a life in two of the most […]

Does Language Define Your Identity?

Author’s Note: This post was inspired by an event in which I participated where the majority of people were native Pashtu speakers. The event was conducted in English; had the event been in Pashtu, it would have discouraged me from attending, as, unfortunately, I cannot speak Pashtu. The fact that the event was in English allowed me to partake […]

Marxist Theory and the Greek Crisis

by Riad Azar, doctoral candidate at the LSE


On the 21st of October, 2015, the first of a lecture series on Contemporary Marxist Theory was held at King’s College. The session was titled “Lessons of the Greek Crisis”, given by Stathis Kouvelakis, a Reader in Political Theory and Philosophy, former member of the central committee of Syriza and founding member […]

Fragile Future for Afghanistan’s Security and its Neighbours

Rabia Nasimi , MSc student in the Department of Sociology at the LSE reports on a conference held at Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament on the 19th October 2015. The conference was titled: Afghanistan’s New Reality: the Unity Government, Development, Human Rights and (In) Security.


On 19th October, the Afghanistan & Central Asian Association (ACAA) and its sister organisation, the European […]

Brain Waste: the deskilling of London’s migrant professionals

by Riad Azar, Doctoral researcher in the LSE’s Department of Sociology


“I still feel like a nurse, man.” Hugo heaved out a long sigh through his nose. We had been sitting in the kitchen of my flat for an hour. The tea he requested when the interview began had chilled; his back curved forward, resting his elbows on his knees […]

Removing the Monument to Overcoming Walls: reflections on contemporary border walls and the politics of de-bordering

By Olivia Mena, London School of Economics and Political Science

On a snowy morning in early March 2013, under the cover of darkness and protection of 250 police officers, construction workers began to take down several segments of the last standing, 1.3-km stretch of the Berlin Wall to make way for luxury high-rise apartments (Birnbaum 2013; The Guardian 2013). Just […]