British Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in India today with the biggest delegation a British prime minister has ever taken anywhere in the world, including business representatives, education specialists and parliamentarians. LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun is part of the delegation and will seek to reiterate the prime minister’s message that Indian students are “incredibly [welcome]” to study and work in the UK.


For the prime minister, this visit is about linking Britain to one of the fastest growing economies in the world and partnering with India to support its ambitions. One aspect of this partnership is to help India’s brightest students get among the best education in the world—and that’s where British universities come in.

While in India, Professor Calhoun will explore how to shape LSE’s future engagement with this vital part of the world. Through meetings with Indian academics, policymakers, and LSE alumni, the School’s new director hopes to crystallise thinking on how to further LSE’s goal of advancing social science research by understanding the big issues affecting a globalising world in their Indian setting. Professor Calhoun will also consider how best to increase opportunities to educate students both from and in India; further contribute to policymaking in India through advice and training; and engage with India’s higher education institutions during a transformative moment for the sector.

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