Tour Old Delhi with Ananya Dasgupta through the following photo essay.

There have been innumerable attempts over the centuries to document the older parts of India’s capital. My visual journey into Old Delhi’s lanes and quaint corners was an attempt to renew my own approach to the city’s environment. In this space, the ruins of Mughal architecture serve as a backdrop to today’s economic practices. The detritus of evolving India – costumes, children’s games like Ludo, antique clocks – finds a place in the old city. But it remains above all the living home of a new generation that plays street cricket and chases rickshaws laden with biryani.


One of many faces in the crowd in the street facing Jama Masjid

Delhi (1)Children playing in the courtyard of an old haveli

Delhi5A flower seller and her daily customer

Delhi4Getting ready for a game of gully cricket in a bylane behind Nai Sarak

Delhi7A shop full of stacked beads

Delhi6Reciting prayers before the rush of a weekday morning begins

Delhi8Braving the traffic on just another busy day

Ananya Dasgupta is currently pursuing a masters degree at LSE’s Department of Social Anthropology. Photographs may not be reproduced without Dasgupta’s permission. 

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