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February 10th, 2014

A Poetic Pursuit


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes


February 10th, 2014

A Poetic Pursuit


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Hello blog readers! I am truly sorry for my hiatus from posting new blog content over these past couple months. I enjoyed a lovely winter break and holiday, though this was unfortunately not spent writing new posts. To make up for my absence, however, I have a new form of blog entry for you this time. In a fit of creativity, I am attempting to encapsulate the pure magic of London through poetic verse. I hope you enjoy my poem (below) and feel free to comment or share if you so desire.

London Life

In the morning, the window to my flat quakes with wind and rain,

Thanks to London weather pushing even the toughest pane.

I like to start each morning of weekday drudgery with a smile,

After all… I’m only here a short while.


The pavement of London is marked with royal seals,

Signs of monarchy clicking beneath your heels.

And the sky, how it boils over with clouds of grey,

For a quick spot of sunshine most passerbys pray.


But I like the gloomy, dark, and overcast.

It’s in line with the city, and its past.

Writers and artists have often been inspired

By this glum weather that long has transpired.


And by the nighttime, London’s transformed

Thanks to numerous lights in which the city’s adorned.

A simple string of light bulbs line the river Thames,

Like the scalloped bottoms of fanciful hems.


And Big Ben, a sight of which I will never tire,

That stately tower that always seems higher,

Right next to the London eye and its peaceful turn,

A symbol of power that will constantly churn.


And by the time you’re tucked into your bed,

Images of the city still swirling inside your head,

The rain doesn’t really seem all too bad,

Though maybe that’s London just making you mad.

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