Did anyone hear about the bunch of LSE students who got a free trip to Paris during MT?
I was actually one of the students who #droppedeverything and went along!

The background story behind the free trip was that the company IDBus had opened a new bus route from London to Paris (and vice versa) and this was conducted as part of their advertising scheme.

The SU gave the announcement on a Friday night in the student bar. But there was a catch – the bus was leaving in 30 minutes.

I had just got back home, grumbling about having to cook, when I received a call from my friend, which was more than a shout than anything else; “DO YOU WANT TO GO TO PARIS FOR FREE?!” I took about 5 seconds to respond- “Is this a joke?” and then half a second to say “YES. IT’LL TAKE ME 25 MINUTES TO RUN TO SCHOOL. BYE.”

Long story short, I had a free weekend trip to Paris!
– Traveling pack with essentials (think: toothbrush), £10 spending money for dinner (which I ended up having in McD en route to Paris), accommodation in Paris, breakfast every morning, and a free drink was included.

Spot me! I appeared twice and Pascal (my friend) appeared three times.

Here’s a tweet from the SU:

tweet from the LSE Students' Union

And here’s a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower just to prove it:

Eiffel Tower

Isn’t the LSE SU one of the best SU’s in the world?

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