As Lent Term comes to a close, and exam season is just around the corner, it’s no secret that most of us are starting to feel the insurmountable pressure looming ahead of us. Yet looking back on the past seven months, my time with the Department of Law has been a challenging, enriching and truly unforgettable experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for a training contract at a magic circle firm. I thought it would only be right to share with you why I think you will love the Department of Law too.

1. Amazing Professors

Having done mostly International Law-related courses in my undergraduate degree, I was a little worried about taking completely unrelated courses in my Masters. Yet, with the support and constant reassurance from my professors and peers, I have emerged more knowledgeable (I would like to think so) and I am more confident to take on new challenges beyond LSE. Professors in the Law Department are always keen to answer any questions you might have, even the silly ones. They are encouraging and I’ve never had a dull seminar or one where I’ve walked out completely clueless; I always feel like I’ve learnt something new. I particularly enjoyed the Competition, IT and Intellectual Property Law courses that I took over the year.

2. You will make friends for life across the world

LSE is a melting pot and the Law Department is no exception. I’ve made friends from six continents, which is pretty impressive seeing that Antarctica is practically uninhabited. Being from such diverse backgrounds, we often talk about food, something we all share in common. The topic of food is always included in our lunchtime discussions and I’ve learnt so much about other cuisines from all around the globe. We’ve also been making plans to scour London to find some authentic and affordable Okonomiyaki as a post-exam celebration in summer which I am really looking forward to. But more importantly, there is a real sense of camaraderie within our department which I love.

3. A Supportive Department

A couple of weeks ago, we had our annual LLM Dinner to celebrate the end of term at The Great Hall just by Lincoln’s Inn. The venue itself was pretty amazing and I’ve been told by friends from other departments that this venue is unique to the Law Department. I think it’s safe to say that we all felt really special that night. The Law Department also organises other social events like pizza lunches throughout the year and they even gave us an exam survival kit stashed with some goodies like tea, a stress ball and an energy bar.

The annual LLM dinner at The Great Hall

My time at the Law Department has been nothing short of an amazing experience and I can assure you, you’ll feel the love and support when you’re here too. The only thing I’m really upset about is that the year is almost ending but I know that I have made the most of my time here at the Law Department.




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