The MiM (Masters’ in Management) program at LSE has a unique element- an international field trip! The trip is included as part of the MG4F4 Strategy in a Global Environment module and it’s a wonderful opportunity offered to the MiM students. This year, the trip took place during the second week of July and this article outlines the details of it.

The MiM program is one of the only ones that include Summer modules. This means that after exams are done, while the rest of the school closes for summer/dissertation prep, the MiM students come back to class to complete two remaining core modules: MG4F5 Business in Global Economy and MG4F4 Strategy in a Global Environment. The modules are taught over an intense three-week session, after which the Berlin trip was scheduled. The trip adds a practical element to the MG4F4 module as it allows us to apply what we are taught. The purpose of the trip is to compose a 2000-word essay analysing your assigned company’s strategy using all the tools and frameworks that had been taught in class. Before the trip, the list of companies is released and students get the opportunity to rank their preferences and the MiM office tries, to their best ability, to assign the companies according to the ranking you provided. This year we visited some pretty amazing companies like BMW, SAP, Ogilvy, DeliveryHero, Erdbar, etc.

Our welcome dinner!

In the early morning of Sunday 6th July, the entire MiM class made their way to Gatwick Airport for our 8AM flight to Berlin Tegel Airport. Once we landed, we made our way to the hotel to settle down. That night, there was a welcome dinner that had been arranged, to kick off what would turn out to be a really fun trip!

The week that followed was one of the most hectic and fun weeks we had ever experienced. The class was split into two groups of around 40 students and each of us went around visiting the different companies and listening to their presentations. The visits were followed by a Q&A session where the students were allowed to ask any questions that would help their essay.

Some of the company presentations were really interactive. For example, BMW gave us a full tour of their factory; DeliveryHero gave us a tour of their millennial culture office which was amazing (see below); and Erdbar gave us free samples, etc.


When we were not doing company visits, we were free to explore Berlin. We visited museums, memorials, tried different cuisines and spent the evenings visiting cool bars as a big group.

Sightseeing in Berlin

At the end of the week, we had a farewell dinner, which turned out to be slightly emotional as it marked the end of MiM 2018-19. There were no more classes scheduled to take place or school-related commitments after this trip, except, of course, the final essay which we were allowed to complete from the comfort of our homes. The trip was truly a bonding experience for the entire class and naturally, when we landed back in London it was a bitter-sweet – filled with goodbyes but also excitement, as we start a new journey post-LSE.


Janice Rachel Shwetha Jacob

Janice Jacob

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