Chandrika Kaul/ Sue Mendus/ Peter Oborne

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A free press is a fundamental pillar of a healthy democracy. It is a vehicle for free expression, informs public debate, and holds government to account. Is there a right to a free press and is this distinct from the freedom of speech of citizens in a democracy? Given the press is often accused of overstepping the mark, invading people’s privacy or publishing material that is harmful to the national interest, where might the limits of press freedom lie? We explore the nature, importance, limitations, and challenges of maintaining a free press in our digital age.

Chandrika Kaul, Reader in Modern History, University of St Andrews
Sue Mendus, Morrell Professor Emerita in Political Philosophy, University of York
Peter Oborne, Journalist, author, and commentator

Sarah Fine, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, KCL

Co-sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy


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