Helen Frowe/ Issam Kouraj/ Vernon Rapley/ Eleanor Robson

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From the recent destruction of Palmyra and the looting of the National Museum of Iraq, cultural artefacts are one of the many casualties of armed conflict. What exactly is cultural property and whose property is it? How should we weigh its value against other priorities during times of conflict? What risks should be taken to protect it, and who is responsible for rebuilding and restoring when the conflict is over? Our speakers discuss the political and ethical issues around culture in war zones.

Helen Frowe, Professor of Practical Philosophy and Director of the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, Stockholm University
Issam Kourbaj, Lector in Art, University of Cambridge; Syrian artist
Vernon Rapley, Director of Cultural Heritage Protection and Security, Victoria & Albert Museum; Special Advisor for Cultural Protection Fund, The British Council
Eleanor Robson, Professor of Ancient Middle Eastern History and Director of the Nahrein Network, UCL

Sarah Fine, Fellow, The Forum; Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, King’s College London

Recorded on 17 January 2018
Old Theatre, LSE