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Luke Brunning, British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Luna Dolezal, Lecturer in Philosophy and Medical Humanities, University of Exeter
MM McCabe, Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy, King’s College London

Clare Moriarty, Fellow, The Forum; Doctoral Researcher, King’s College London

Does anger impede political progress or is it essential for change? Does love make us biased or is it the foundation of ethical thinking? Might shame alter not merely our perception of the world, but the very world itself? Reason is often contrasted with emotion, but what if emotion is essential for understanding traditional philosophical ideas? And how did we end up thinking that reason could ever do without emotion?

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7 December 2021

Moritz Schlick

Moritz Schlick

With David Edmonds, Maria Galavotti, and Cheryl Misak

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