Mishka/ Mary Bosworth/ Matthew Gibney

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Thousands of foreign nationals are held in immigration detention across the country. Some are detained on arrival, and others after having lived here for years. Some detainees will be deported, others will be released into the community. Currently in the UK there is no time limit on how long a person can be held in immigration detention. Our panel will reflect on politics and philosophy of immigration detention. Should the state be allowed indefinitely detain people who have committed no crime? What are the alternatives to detention? What does detention tell us about the ethics of immigration control more generally?

Mishka, Campaigner and Advocate, Freed Voices
Mary Bosworth, Professor of Criminology, University of Oxford
Matthew Gibney, Professor of Politics and Forced Migration, University of Oxford

Sarah Fine, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, KCL

Co-sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy


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