Elisabeth Schellekens / Peter Lamarque

12.30-2pm | Thursday 5 June 2008
Room J116 (Cañada Blanch Room), Cowdray House, European Institute, LSE

Elisabeth Schellekens, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Durham University Peter Lamarque, Professor of Philosophy, University of York

This dialogue centred around the work and legacy of the late Frank Sibley, arguably the first philosopher to bring the methodology of analytic philosophy to aesthetics. Sibley shaped many of the questions and set the agenda that analytic philosophers working in aesthetics are still pursuing today. Themes for discussion in this dialogue included the way in which one can and/or should distinguish between aesthetic and non-aesthetic experiences and properties; what aesthetic taste and sensibility really amounts to and what role they play in aesthetic experience; and the possibility of justifying aesthetic judgements. The role of Frank Sibley’s work in contemporary analytic aesthetics was also assessed.