Horatio Clare/ Alex Gillespie / Abigail King

This event was jointly organised with the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE as part of the LSE Literary Festival 2012: Relating Cultures

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Saturday 3 March 2012, 3-4.30pm
Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building

This panel will discuss the relationship between perceptions and realities of travel, and the influence of travel literature and photography on tourist experiences.

Horatio Clare is an award-winning author, broadcaster, novelist and journalist. In 2008 he journeyed from South Africa to South Wales following migrating swallows, a journey he wrote about in A Single Swallow. His latest expedition took him from Felixstowe to Los Angeles on a 150,000 tonne container ship. Horatio writes regularly for Conde Nast Traveller and various national newspapers.

Alex Gillespie is a Lecturer in Social Psychology at LSE and Co-Editor of Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour. He has over fifty publications, including three books. He is interested in tourism and tourist photography as an encounter with the other saturated in fantasy.

Abigail King is an experienced journalist and photographer who writes about travel for both print and online media. She has circled the globe twice, camped in the snows of Kilimanjaro and Patagonia and tracked down tigers, turtles and panda bears. She’s then had a hot shower and embraced the city life of New York, Rio, Paris and Tokyo.