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Managing Editor of the USAPP blog, Chris Gilson, outlines some changes to the blog that readers will be seeing over the next few months.

This week we’ll be introducing a few changes to the USAPP blog; don’t worry, we’re not going away! I am, however, going on paternity leave, and my US Centre colleague, Sophie Donszelmann will be taking over as part-time Blog Editor until I return in August. The most important change you’ll see will be that USAPP will only be posting at least three new pieces every week, as well as our regular reposts on Saturdays from other LSE blogs and book reviews on Sundays, sourced from the LSE Review of Books. We will also be pausing our weekly blog round ups and our email newsletters. You can still get our content regularly from our RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

We’ll still be bringing you the best in academic commentary on US politics and policy, as well as hosting Series 2 of The Ballpark, with new episodes at the end of every month. We’d love to hear your feedback on the blog, so please email Sophie at

Thanks for reading USAPP – we couldn’t have made it the success that it’s become, without you.


Managing Editor

Featured image: change by m.a.r.c. is licensed uner CC BY SA 2.0

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