András Tilcsik

Why flying is safer than ever and what we can learn from it

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A smart approach to management and design, rather than technological breakthroughs or strict government policies, lie behind commercial aviation’s remarkable safety record, write Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik.

When it was reported that there had been no deaths from commercial passenger jet accidents in 2017, President Trump was quick to claim credit on Twitter: “Since taking office I have been […]

There may be some truth to the ‘gay jobs’ stereotype

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Certain occupations have an unusually high concentration of gay or lesbian workers. In new research, Michel Anteby, Carly Knight and András Tilcsik examine why this might be the case. They write that in order to adapt to discrimination, gay and lesbian workers are likely to have been more drawn towards occupations which require high levels of task independence and/or social perceptiveness. While society is becoming […]

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