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American Politics and Policy blog – USApp

Launching Labor Day  2 September 2013

The London School of Economics announces a new multi-disciplinary blog:

 American Politics and Policy – USApp

                                 Web:     Twitter: @LSEUSAblog

Our mission is to increase the public understanding of social science in the context of American politics and policymaking. Our focus is broad-based and multidisciplinary, covering all aspects of governance, economics, politics, culture and society in the United States, and in its continental neighbours, Canada and Mexico.

We seek to contribute to a better informed public debate, to facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge between experts within and outside universities, and to open up the full richness of contemporary academic research so as to increase its perception and impact. We also seek to achieve a qualitative improvement in the British, European and rest of the world’s understanding of domestic politics in the United States at the level of states and major cities, and encompassing the full range of American social, urban and regional issues.

The development of the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA), and the closely integrated economic and social development of Canada and Mexico in tandem with that of the United States, also increase the importance of looking at politics and policy across the whole of north America.

An enduring core of the blog draws on the community of academics and researchers at the London School of Economics. But we seek to build a much broader community of authors and contributors amongst social scientists from

–         the full range of United States universities;

–         British, European and overseas academics working on USA issues; and

–         experts in Canadian and Mexican social science.

We especially seek to create new forms of dialogue and knowledge exchange that will improve the awareness of and capacity to analyse politics and policy issues across the United States and its two neighbours in the rest of the world.

The central role of all LSE blogs is knowledge exchange, bringing academic insights completely free and in understandable formats to citizens, journalists and policy-makers. We are committed to forms of social science communication that are shorter, better, faster and free. But we also seek to bridge between academia and the extensive research and evidence generated by NGOs, think tanks, professions, pressure groups and a wide range of organisations researching on American politics and policy themes. We encourage the submission of well-argued and evidence-based material that can improve public debate on any aspect of American politics and policy.

The five Academic Editors for USApp are all American scholars from a range of disciplines on the London School of Economics staff :

Stephanie Rickard     Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey         Andy Eggers
Ben Lauderdale         and Lloyd Gruber.

The USApp Managing Editor is Chris Gilson from LSE Public Policy Group.

We have no editorial ‘line’ except a commitment to communicating social science research and commentary in ways that enhance public debate and understanding.

To see how American Politics and Policy will operate in terms of ‘look and feel’ and the nature of contributions, please visit our sister blogs:

–       EUROPP blog covering European politics and policy;

–       British Politics and Policy blog covering UK governance issues; and

–       Impact of Social Sciences blog covering forefront developments in the impacts agenda and the future of higher education.

For further information, and for details on how to submit a blog, please email the Managing Editor at: 


 American Politics and Policy Blog Team

Patrick Dunleavy 80x108
General Editor:  Professor Patrick Dunleavy  – LSE Public Policy Group

Academic Editors

Stephanie Rickard 80x108

Dr Stephanie Rickard– Government Department

Cheryl Schondhart-Bailey 80x108

Dr Cheryl Schondhart-Bailey – Government Department

Andy Eggers 80x108

Dr Andy Eggers – Government Department

Ben Lauderdale 80x108

Dr Ben Lauderdale – Methodology Institute

Lloyd Gruber 80x108

Dr Lloyd Gruber – Dean of the MPA Program, LSE

Chris Gilson 80x108Managing Editor:   Chris Gilson



The USApp blog is run by staff from the LSE Public Policy Group (PPG), which also runs four School-wide blogs on behalf of the LSE.  The blog team gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the HEIF5 programme run by LSE Knowledge Exchange.

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