Data, Figures and Attention points

How should you be recording citations in the digital era?

Get prepared now for a move away ‘legacy’, print-orientated practices

Image credit: CC0 Public Domain.
Academic references have stayed the same for too long, so that right across the world, and across most disciplines, students and academics are still solemnly recording useless citation information (e.g. place of publication for global publishers) and not recording vital information (e.g. where to access the open […]

How to report data in a way that readers need to know

Avoid bogus over-precision and un-needed complexity, but give readers full data labels.

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For general readers, one of the recurring problems of academic books and articles, PhDs and research reports is a syndrome of overly precise reporting of results, often paradoxically allied with an under-description of charts and tables. Often this reflects an effort to cram into […]

Designing ‘attention points’ in academic work

Four principles for improving how you display tables, graphs, charts and diagrams.

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Academics, PhDers and researchers are highly intelligent and conscientious people. Yet they none the less repeatedly commit the same simple and easily avoidable mistakes in presenting ‘ attention points’ — that is, any exhibit that stands out or attracts readers’ focus in their text, especially tables, […]