Academic impacts and careers

Should your academic CV (or résumé) go digital, at last?

To decide, think through how the university jobs process works now.

Image: Yoel Ben-Avraham / Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0).
Once you’ve recognized the distinctiveness of academic CVs or résumés, a key decision you need to make is whether you should go digital — and if so, in what ways? Most current academic CVs are resolutely non-digital, and are designed solely to be printed […]

Why academic CVs (or résumés) are distinctive

On the exceptionalism of academic CVs: objective, comprehensive, checkable in detail.

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The rules governing academic CVs (short for the Latin curriculum vitae in the UK, Europe and Australasia) and often called loosely called résumés in the USA, are complex. And they are generally different from those applying to all other spheres of the job market. […]

Assessing your research and publication choices

How an adapted ‘business model canvass’ may help.

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Every researcher and academic is like a one-person ‘start-up company’ to begin with, especially during their doctorate and possibly into their early post-doc phase. Indeed, perhaps researchers are always, at root, alone, having to make research choices for themselves that are also always life […]

All academic books must go digital

How conservative publishers and authors risk killing off books and chapters across university social sciences and humanities.

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Four years ago, drawing up my reading lists for the new academic year, I realised with a start that I had almost stopped setting books altogether, in favour of journal articles. The reasons were simple. Students at the London […]

Are you an academic hermit?

Here’s how to easily change, if you want to

In a recent study of The Impact of the Social Sciences a team of researchers that I lead tried to establish what made some academics well cited and well-regarded academically, and what also made them influential in spheres of life outside academia. To do this we created a stratified random sample […]