bristol-industrial-museumInvesting in the future of the UK: LSE relaunches its Growth Commission

Labour markets, industrial policy, the financial sector and openness are key areas of the upcoming report, writes Anna Valero




skyscapersBrexit can have profound implications for firms on both sides of the Atlantic

Since 2010, 9% of foreign US affiliates’ profit has come from the UK, write Douglas Cumming and Shaker A. Zahra




us-flagWhat Donald Trump could do to ‘make America great again’ without destroying free trade

Investors are looking for signs that the populist agendas of his campaign will be left where they belong: on the campaign trail, writes Simeon Djankov



trumpAn isolationist America will be bad for the world

Europe has to impress on the Americans that it can benefit from free trade, writes Sir Christopher Pissarides





containerAfter the US elections, how do we return to a constructive debate about trade?

Rising protectionism is slowing global trade and hampering a still-fragile global economic outlook, writes Pedro Nicolaci da Costa




The Eurozone

ecbIs a loose monetary policy still appropriate for the Eurozone?

A survey of economic experts discusses quantitative easing and its impact on structural reforms in the EU – by Wouter Den Haan, Ethan Ilzetzki, Martin Ellison, Michael McMahon and Ricardo Reis