IWhether you’re a coding aficionado or have never seen a line of code, it’s important to note that building a successful tech product is dependent on both good technical and business decisions. Growth Tech Group.

Step #1 – Share your idea but don’t overvalue it

Unless you have proprietary knowledge, ideas in the tech space are worth little unless you can translate them into action! Share your ideas, get feedback and work hard to develop a minimum viable product.

Step #2 – Fix one thing, not everything

Attempt to be really good at one thing that adds value as a service or product for the end user or customer. It’s much harder to replicate trust and expertise in a niche segment than to simply copy an idea in code. Creating relationships with potential clients and understanding their needs is the first step in this crucial process.

Step #3 – Include tech expertise and project management skills in your core team

You need to understand the process of developing a tech product, even if you won’t code it first-hand. Make sure you have an experienced tech person in your founding team who can lead development and instruct developers later on. Otherwise, incorporate a good project manager who can maintain oversight over development.


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