You might be considering LSE as a prospective student, part-way through your degree here, or perhaps you’ve already graduated. Whatever stage you’re at, LSE Careers has a wealth of information available to inspire, inform and help you to make those all important decisions and choices around careers.

We contact graduates six months after they graduate to participate in the national HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE). You can find a breakdown of the data by degree programme on the ‘What do LSE graduates do?’ website, where you’ll find lists of employers and job titles that graduates have gone on to work in as well as the range countries and sectors.

The most recent survey shows that graduates found employment in 113 different countries, 52% worked outside the UK and the top countries were China, USA, India, France and Belgium. For information about working outside the UK take a look at our country profiles, where you can find information on the recruitment in different countries, lists of employers and LSE destinations data for each country.

The survey found that 27% of international students were working in the UK six months after graduating. If you’re planning to work in the UK as an international student or graduate and want some advice or information on visas, the International Student Visa Advice Team at LSE can help. You might also find it helpful to use the search tool on the LSE Careers website to search visa sponsors in the UK.

LSE Careers recently undertook a follow-up longitudinal survey for those who graduated in 2013, we found that 70% of graduates worked for a different organisation and 49% worked in a different industry compared to when they answered the survey six months after graduating. If you’re looking for a career change (whether you’re a current student or a graduate of up to five years) we can help with that too.

To learn more about what graduates have done further on in their careers, take a look at our graduate profiles. Or if you’re interested in hearing firsthand what it’s like working for an organisation or a particular sector you could speak to one yourself at one of our ‘Meet an Alum‘ events.

You may have no idea what you want to do, or perhaps you have everything planned out but, whatever stage you’re at, LSE Careers is here to help you through your journey. We offer a variety of services which you can utilise whilst you’re studying here and also for up to five years after you finish your degree!