May was one of the key organisers of Charity Week at LSE from the Islamic Society. Read on to find out about the success of the week…

Charity Week is Islamic Relief’s flagship fundraising campaign which invites volunteers all over the world to raise money for orphans and needy children. Each year, over 200 institutions come together planning bake sales, auctions and a wide array of other activities with the focus on unity to help those less fortunate. Since the start of Charity Week 13 years ago, volunteers have been able to raise over £6.7 million which has helped fund 52 projects in 25 different countries!

In the past, Islamic relief has worked to provide education, health care and clean water to deprived communities. Northern Syria was the home of new paediatric clinics introduced by Islamic Relief to support the victims of the on-going conflict. Niger, Chad and Mali were supported through the development of solar and harvest systems to produce clean water and after the Gaza conflict, Islamic Relief rebuilt 7 different schools to ensure that the local children continue to receive an education. These are just a few of the projects Charity Week has embarked on, benefiting over 153,000 children.

This year alone, the LSESU Islamic Society organised a variety of events such as a sponsored mountain climb, an annual quiz night, a thrilling Zorbing experience and our esteemed auction dinner, to name but a few. Volunteers from LSE worked tirelessly; bucketing in Holborn station, down to Leicester square and throughout Waterloo from 9 to 5 to raise as much money as possible.

With the help of the ISoc members and volunteers, we were able to raise over £50,000 over the month of October – a personal best for our society. The 100% donation policy ensures that all funds raised will go towards 8 different countries and initiatives. The work of Charity Week aims to be holistic and direct, ensuring hundreds and thousands of beneficiaries in the long term.




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