A Student Volunteering Week Special! Here’s one of five fantastic blogs that we’re posting this week to celebrate Student Volunteering week. This one is from one of your Student Volunteering Ambassadors, Annie Thomlinson. Keep reading to find out some of the amazing ways you can get involved in volunteering from a students’ perspective…

Volunteering is more than simply making coffee, or working in a charity shop (but you can do that if you want!). It means simply giving up time for a cause which benefits other people, or wider society. Volunteering can be super flexible so just find a cause which you believe in and get involved!

1. Volunteering with a Charity

Find a charity which interests you and find out how they could use your time! This could be through one to one mentoring like with ReachOut or by becoming a unit leader with Girlguiding UK. If you are less comfortable with interacting with young people you don’t know, charities such as Oxfam have opportunities to volunteer in their office, or if you volunteer with Foodcycle all you have to do is cook delicious food!

2. Fundraising

Although it may not seem like volunteering, fundraising is actually a great way to get involved with charities. Some charities may be more
in need of your money than your time. Try getting sponsored for a race or take part in a RAG event. Last year I took part in Vertical Rush. Not only was it really fun but I got fit too!


3. Campaigning

Some charities or action groups require your time to help them campaign. For example UNICEF have the opportunity to be a children’s champion and help them lobby governments. There are loads of campaigning societies at LSE too (such as Youth Stop AIDS) which you can join if you are interested!



4. Volunteering Abroad

International volunteering can be a great way to combine volunteering with travel. However, you MUST be very careful about who you volunteer with as some international volunteering opportunities can do more harm than good. Check out this article here or contact David Coles, the volunteer centre manager, before you sign up to an opportunity in order to make sure it’s as worthwhile as you want it to be!

5. Running a Society

I know it might not seem like volunteering but running a society also counts! You are giving up your time for the benefit of your peers either by organising events and fixtures or managing the money!


If Annie has inspired you to volunteer, check out one of our other 200+ ongoing opportunities or book a one-to-one with David Coles, the Volunteer Centre Manager if you have more questions. If you are short on time, then take a look at the one-off opportunities taking place in Lent Term organised by the LSE Volunteer Centre. And why not follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our events and opportunities and read our blog for more volunteering tips and stories.