Tiffany (BSc in Management, 2018 and MSc in Accounting and Finance, 2019) has attended multiple one-off volunteering sessions during her time at LSE! Read on to find out about her experience at two of the sessions…

I signed up for the volunteering sessions since the sense of satisfaction and achievement from helping people in need has always been rewarding. Besides fulfilling our civil responsibilities and giving back to the community, we can also enjoy ourselves in it. I have joined the Knit for Crisis session, where I knit scarves for the charity that supports homeless people. This service experience helped foster my empathy and compassion for the homeless, and instil my sense of social commitment and responsibility.  It is meaningful and enriching at the same time because I can pick up a new skill and learn how to knit, while doing something for good. This volunteering session also allows me to meet new people and make new friends beyond my course.

On the other hand, the Operation War Diary session is another extraordinary experience. In that session, we were asked to help digitise diaries from the First World War. I find it intriguing as I got to read the diaries and discover more about the behind-the-scenes of the largest human destruction in history. I am also grateful that I can contribute to the record keeping of such an important event.

Through reading the diaries, I realised that we shouldn’t take happiness for granted and this reminded me of a quote that is close to my heart – “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” I think that we could all make a difference by simply spare a little time, lend a helping hand or show kindness to others. Hence, I would definitely volunteer again in the future and I highly recommend students to take part of any volunteer opportunities offered on campus.





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