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Networking – simple techniques

It can be difficult to know where to start when developing your network as a student, but we’re here to help! Here are five pointers to get you networking in various contexts including employer/sector events, careers fairs and approaching people speculatively via online platforms such as LinkedIn:
1. Preparation
You’ll feel more confident approaching people at employers/sector events if you have […]


Networking over the summer: top tips

As well as giving you that much-needed work experience, a chance to develop some key skills and generally bulk up your CV in readiness for the upcoming permanent job push, any kind of summer work provides a great opportunity to extend your professional network.  So as well as seizing all available opportunities to impress your colleagues with your skill, […]


A look back at our International History networking event.

The International History Department in collaboration with LSE Careers hosted a career networking evening with International History alumni on the 16 January. The evening offered International History students the opportunity to speak informally with BA and MSc International History professionals hearing the personal experiences and insights of alumni who work in a variety of different sectors, functions and roles.

Thank you to everyone […]


Networking during your job search

Someone somewhere has information that could lead you to your ideal job. So where are they? How do you find them? Answer: networking.

Networking is loved by some some and dreaded by others. Those dreading networking are probably thinking about a busy networking reception or maybe cold calling with no idea as to how their approach will be received. But these are not the only types of networking.

Great networkers […]


How to improve your networking skills

It’s funny – the very word ‘networking’ has the power to strike fear into even the boldest people. Visions of making small talk with strangers over warm white wine are what people conjure up. In reality, networking – or building relationships – is something that we do all the time and often without conscious effort.
Example of successful networking
Julia Mills, […]


How to improve your networking skills – by an LSE alum

Guest blog by Brian Hendrick who works as a Delivery Lead for HM Revenue and Customs:
Professional social networks go a long way toward excelling in one’s career and finding development/learning opportunities. For some people, socialising is enjoyable/exciting and networking may feel natural. For others, socialising may be more difficult/tiresome and networking may feel like a necessary evil. Whether you […]


How to stand out following a networking event

Guest blog by Clare Tomkins, Graduate Recruitment Associate at EY:
So you’ve just spent an evening at a networking event or the day at a careers fair. Maybe you’ve handed out 30 CVs or perhaps you’ve spent a long time chatting to someone who works for your dream company? You may have made a great impression, but what comes next? This […]


Worried about networking? We can help

The very word ‘networking’ has the power to strike fear into the boldest amongst us. Visions of warm white wine, vol-au-vents and making small talk with strangers are what people conjure up. In reality, networking – or building relationships – is something that we do all the time and often without conscious effort. So where does LSE Careers come […]


How to set short, medium and long term goals

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Danny Wilkey:
Why is it important to set goals?
Let’s begin with some common interview questions:

Where do you see your career in five years’ time?
Why did you choose that course?
Tell me about yourself

These questions assume you’ve not only thought about your career goals but you are able to articulate them. So having a […]


Making the most of your work experience

“It’s not what you do, but the way that you do it and what you learn from it!” 

It may be a cliché, but to build your CV and enhance your confidence ready for your next career step, almost any work experience is going to be valuable, as long as you reflect on the skills that you have developed and try to […]


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