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EUROPP is running a series of articles on the German federal elections scheduled for 24 September 2017. This page collates all of the material in the series.


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12 August: Merkel starts official campaigning tour through Germany

13 August: Campaigning officially begins as parties in Germany cannot put up campaign posters or run TV ads until 6 weeks before the election

20 August: Compilation of the electoral register or voter list: there are 61.5 million eligible voters this year

21 August: Schulz starts official campaigning tour through Germany

30 August: Debate with leading members of the Greens, AfD, Die Linke, and the FDP

3 September: TV debate between Merkel and Schulz shown in both public channels as well as the two biggest private channels (7.15pm UK time)

21 September: TV debate with all Spitzenkandidaten (CDU/CSU, SPD, Greens, FDP, Die Linke, AfD) on public channels only (unclear at present if both Schulz and Merkel will participate)

24 September: Election Day, polling stations close at 6pm (5pm UK time), first projections at 6pm, first results around 6.15 pm (5.15pm UK time)

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