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Enabling dialogue and sharing different perspectives in a changing HE landscape

The LSE Higher Education Blog is an outward-facing forum for academics, educators, and students to share their insights and experiences. The blog presents a bold, multi-perspective view of higher education (HE) in the UK and globally.

We cover a wide range of topics – teaching and learning in and across disciplines, student experience, pedagogy, academic identities, education leadership, and the value, purpose, and future of HE. We are committed to diversity of authorship; our contributors come from around the world and include lecturers, professors, class teachers, fellows, professional services staff, students, and policymakers. In keeping with the content on our pages, which is about HE in the UK and globally, about a third of our contributors are from outside the UK, and so are around half our readers.

A key feature of the LSE HE Blog has been to create opportunities for dialogue and interaction with our readership and the wider academic community. To this end we’ve run readers’ choice awards, essay contests, and social media polls. In late 2023, we launched the LSE HE Blog Fellowship programme as a way of engaging more widely with the academic community by providing editorial mentoring and a platform for the Fellows to disseminate their ideas and perspectives.

The HE Blog is based at the LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, a centre of education expertise with a focus on academic staff development, curriculum enrichment, and student engagement. The HE blog was relaunched in its current form on 1 May 2019. It is part of the LSE Blogs, one of the world’s primary digital knowledge exchange platforms for academics, students, and researchers.

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We welcome contributions to the blog from the academic community and beyond – please see the section for contributors.


We encourage comments on the blogposts. All comments will be moderated, so you may encounter a short delay. To post a comment, your email address will be required but it will not be published or shared.

Please make sure your comments comply with our guidelines:

  • We welcome respectful, reasonable and constructive comments that contribute to the discussion.
  • Inappropriate language, offensive comments and personal attacks will not be tolerated. The HE Blog editorial team reserves the right to delete, move, mark as spam or edit any and all comments, and block access to an individual or group of people from commenting on one post or across the entire LSE HE Blog.
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Content sharing

Unless otherwise specified, all our posts are also published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence (CC BY 3.0) and other blogs and publications are free to use them, with attribution.


The content posted on this blog is opinion-based and does not reflect the views of the London School of Economics and Political Science or any of its constituent departments and divisions.

LSE HE Blog team

headshot of Lee-Ann SequeiraEditor: Lee-Ann Sequeira
Lee-Ann is an academic developer at the Eden Centre, where she works closely with LSE departments and teaches on the Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education. She encourages a critical, multi-perspectival approach to higher education and, having lived, studied, and taught in different education systems and countries, she is passionate about fostering all forms of diversity (ideological, cultural, etc) in HE. Areas of scholarship and research she is involved in are critical academic development, viewpoint diversity, and pluralist approaches to higher education.


Michelle Pauli profile picAssistant Editor: Michelle Pauli
Michelle is a writer and editor with a background in journalism, having held editorial posts at the Guardian, the Times and the Independent. She provides editorial consultancy to a number of educational organisations, including Jisc, Advance HE, Nesta, Emerge Education, and EPSRC-funded research networks that cover multidisciplinary approaches to AI in scientific discovery and the food sector. She holds a BSc in Government and an MSc in Public Administration and Public Policy from the LSE. Follow Michelle on LinkedIn


Founding Advisory Editor: Claire Gordon
Claire is the Director of the Eden Centre. She has interests in reward and recognition in higher education, developing research-based curricula to empower students in their learning, and assessment and feedback.



Podcast Producer: Chris Doughty
Chris works in the Eden Centre on flagship programmes such as the PGCert, the GTA Induction and the Eden Fellow’s Professional Recognition Scheme. As a host and producer of a successful music podcast, Chris has become our in-house producer for the LSE HE Blog podcasts. Follow Chris on LinkedIn



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