Essays in Education

LSE HE Blog Special Issue: Essays in Education

In June 2022, we launched the Essays in Education Blog Challenge, where staff and students across the world were invited to enter submissions on several themes ranging from politics in the classroom to international students to the value of a university education.

As we highlighted when we announced the winners, what marked out the winning entries was the fresh, honest perspective they are written from. The authors put forward multi-layered, nuanced arguments from a range of viewpoints drawing on different disciplinary norms and evidence and their own experiences. The richness of thought, the originality of their ideas and arguments, and the rigour of their explanations illustrate important facets of issues facing higher education today.

View from the judges


We would like to thank all those who entered submissions, promoted this contest, and were involved in its administration, including Rose Deller and Michael Taster, the editors of the LSE Review of Books and the LSE Impact Blog respectively.

Main image: Laura Rivera on Unsplash