We are very please do announce that applications are open for a new MSc in African Development due to start next academic year – 2014/15. 

The African Development programme aims to provide students with a high quality academic introduction to the study of politics, economic development and economic policy in Africa.

The course employs political economy approaches to understand the variegated national trajectories of African states, regionalism and localism in politics and economics, and the political and economic forces that shape Africa’s insertion into to the global economy. One core objective of the programme is to track the causes and effects of shifts over time in development theory and practice — these have exerted powerful effects on public policy in Africa since the mid-twentieth century. A second objective will be to identify forces that produce political economy similarities and differences across and within African countries. A third is to consider the global, political and institutional, environmental, and technological changes that are shaping Africa’s future.

For further information and how to apply please visit the course page on our Department website.