Please see below for some common questions we have noticed on Facebook from offer holding students. We will be updating this page regularly with more questions: 


  • When will I receive the pre-registration pass?

LSE Student Services are working hard to send them out by the middle of this week (10-14th September). Please print your pre-registration pass before coming to the LSE.

  • Is it possible to register earlier than the scheduled slot?

It is not possible to have an early registration. However, the LSE pre-registration pass will allow you to enter all LSE buildings before the official registration. Additionally, you will be able to activate your LSE IT account before the official registration. You can activate your IT account here:

  • I am taking the pre-sessional economics workshop, which takes places before the official registration. Do I need to register earlier in order to attend?

No. Just print out the pre-registration pass and show it to the security staff when you enter the building.

  • When I tried to activate my IT account I received an error message that the details I entered didn’t match the ones they have for me. Where can I inquire about rectifying these issues?

Please contact for any questions with regard to IT. They also have a walk in centre on the 1st floor in the LSE Library.


Course choices

  • Can I register for courses before the official registration has taken place?

Yes, as long as you have activated your LSE IT account, you can start registering for courses before the official registration. You can activate your IT account here: The course registration will be open from 10am on Friday 28 September 2018.

  • Where and how do I select my optional courses?

You will be able to select your optional courses on the Graduate Course Choice page on LSE for You from 10am on Friday 28 September 2018. You can find important information about the different steps here:

  • One of my preferred electives ends at 1pm and a compulsory course starts at 1 pm in another building. Is it possible to have these courses back to back?

Yes, it is possible. Courses at the LSE usually begin five minutes after and end five minutes prior to the scheduled time, which should give students enough time to change buildings.

  • Can I take more course units than required?

No. You can only take courses to the value of four full units, of which one unit is the dissertation. You can however attend additional lectures as auditing students. Note, however, that your focus should be on the courses for which you are registered.

  • Are there different time slots offered for the core course?

No, core courses take place at the same time for all students.

  • Do I have to register for courses for the entire year already in MT?

You will sign up for courses for the entire year in September/October. However, you will be able to make changes to LT half unit courses in mid-January (the course choice system will open up again on 14 January 2019 for a brief period).

  • Does it matter when exactly I make my course selection? Will places be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis?

Each academic does it a bit differently, some for instance require you to write a statement explaining why you wish to take their course. There should be a description on how to proceed for each course in the course choice system on LSE for You. It may be that in case of oversubscription of a course, an academic will indeed allocate the places on a first come first served basis. With regard to courses from other departments, please have a look at the following website, which provides important information for every department:…/cour…/controlled-access-courses


Choice of Academic Mentor

Do we write up a few sentences as to why we want specific mentors and how their research aligns with our interest or do we just submit the five names?

You will just have to indicate the names of your five preferred academics, there won’t be any option to explain your choices.

Does the final decision about the Academic Mentor depend on the time one will register the preference or this factor does not affect the final decision?

The decision about the allocation of academic mentors does not depend on the time you sign up on Moodle.