MSc Development Management student, Temi Pratt conducts an interview with Stephanie Draper, the CEO of Bond – the UK’s premier membership organisation for the international development sector, to discuss the current state of international development in the UK, the impact of Covid19 on the sector and gives advice to graduates seeking to enter the sector.

She advises graduates to look at development broadly and anticipate how it might change in the next ten years. Systems thinking, the ,move to local ownership of the development process, campaigning and advocacy (in light of recent self mobilisation movements) are also discussed.

Temi Phyllis Pratt is a part-time MSc Development Management candidate, and a development consultant and programme manager with a geographical focus on Africa and the Middle East. Her interests areas include; education, human capital development and technology for development. She is currently working at the intersection of education and development and is a Director at Canon Education – A STEM education-focused social enterprise providing much-needed education services & infrastructure to children and young people from low-income communities in Africa. Follow them on instagram: @canon_education.

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