Episode 8: Architecture and Design: Framing the urban experience

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David Kohn, architect and co-designer of A Room for London, discusses how design can influence the way we experience everything from time to the urban experience.

Fran Tonkiss, LSE Reader in Sociology and Director of the LSE Cities Programme, talks about her latest book on the social life of urban form and why ‘the devil gets all the best designs’.

Hyun Bang Shin, LSE Associate Professor in Geography and Urban Studies, talks about reading Marx under South Korea’s strict national security laws and how this has influenced his own work on urban displacement.

Presented by Amy Mollett. Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Other Contributors: David Kohn, Fran Tonkiss, Hyun Bang Shin. Music and sound came courtesy of the following users at  freesound.org: Corsica_S (Argon Sky Multisample), Klankbeeld (Riverside and (traffic horns city nervous busy); inchadney (seagulls); Synth pad (ambient pad); The Working Bamboo (Piano ambient); Bosk 1 (wind houling); Stomachache (New Year 2012); Leady (War Noise REV); Fonogeno (police sirens); Suonho (crystal airlines). From The FreeMusicArchive.org: Dumbo Gets Mad (Radical Leap), Podington Bear (Sneaker Chase); Sunsearcher (Latin Rhythm); and Telegraphy (Grey Matter). Photo collage: matt_e (Seoul city skyline) from Flickr.com. Published 3 December 2013.
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