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LSE Review of Books has published over 1500 reviews since launching in April 2012, covering a diverse selection of the most exciting and current books published across the social sciences and the humanities.

If you are publishing an academic book in the social sciences of the humanities in the next 3 months, we would like to know about it! Please contact the Managing Editor of LSE Review of Books, Anna D’Alton, to discuss whether the book is suitable for review. Please note that we do not review policy reports or self-published books, and we also primarily cover non-fiction rather than fiction works.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a book will be reviewed. Although we do try to match suitable books with reviewers as soon as possible, we are only able to dedicate two months to advertising any one book for review. We are also unable to return unmatched books.

We are also keen to hear from new publishers about the latest social science and humanities releases. We have longstanding, good relationships with over 25 publishing houses, so you would be amongst great company. To find out more information, please contact us at

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