***Note: applications for the Research Team are currently closed***

Join the LSE UPR team! We are now recruiting undergraduates from all years to join our first ever Research Team. Students do not need to have any previous research experience, but they do need to be of a curious disposition and be willing to learn.

Here is a quick introduction to our project:

The LSE Undergraduate Political Review (LSE UPR) is an online platform that aims to encourage and facilitate an engagement in high level political research and the professional presentation of critical arguments by undergraduate students from universities around the world. The LSEUPR offers undergraduates the opportunity to see their research published in a peer reviewed, academic journal, and to involve themselves directly in a broad spectrum of contemporary political debates by disseminating their work online.

The Research Team will be tasked with conducting a collaborative piece of research over the academic year 2017/18, which will then be published by the LSE UPR. The Research Team will set out the research question, gather the data, conduct empirical analysis, and report the results. The final piece of research will be peer reviewed and searchable on Google Scholar. Experience in research is an excellent pathway to your academic career, and is a valuable experience for future employment.

We are looking to hire four undergraduates. One final year student will serve Research Team Leader and three first or second year students will join as Research Associates. The Team Leader should have previous experience in conducting academic research.

Send your cover letter (max 500 words) and CV explaining how you are well suited for a position on the Research Team to lseupr@lse.ac.uk. Please also write in the subject line of your e-mail the position on the Research Team to which you are applying. The deadline for applications is midnight 6th October.

We are excited to hear from you! Please get in touch via email if you have any questions about the LSE UPR or the application process (lseupr@lse.ac.uk).


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