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Jintao Zhu

March 11th, 2021

“New Challenges, New Perspectives.” LSEUPR Conference Programme


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Jintao Zhu

March 11th, 2021

“New Challenges, New Perspectives.” LSEUPR Conference Programme


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Thank you all for attending the LSEUPR Annual Conference for 2021! To stay up to date with all things LSEUPR, be sure to follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

If you encounter any difficulty during the Conference, please go to the Zoom room with ID: 87574325561 where UPR members can provide immediate help. Alternatively, you can email
13.00-13.30Opening Panel
Zoom ID: 875 7432 5561
Helen Ainsley,
LSEUPR Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Paul Apostolidis,
LSE Government
Welcoming guests. Keynote speech. Explanation of how the conference will run.
13.30-14.45Parallel Panel 1
Zoom ID: 815 4573 1225
Zoom ID: 2907002907
Zoom ID: 832 0253 6377
“Quantitative Student Research: An Important & Energizing Prospect”

By Simeon North
“A European Democracy on a Domestic Level”

By Vasiliki Poula, Jack Bissett, Maitrai Lapalikar, Antonia Syn, Maria Soraghan
“Thomas Hobbes’ constrained absolutism: The fundamental law of the commonwealth as a substantial constraint on the sovereign’s power”

By Facundo Rodriguez
“Antipartisanship in Brazil: The effects of ideological extremism on negative party affect (2002-2018)”

By Laura Beghini Chelidonopoulos
“Unilateral Secessionist Attempts and Patterns of Support for the European Union”

By Elena Gentilini, Sol Partridge, Clara Klint, Iris Cai
“Transversality of different ecologies for a modern political theory”

By Tim Krhlanko
“The Impact of the Implementation of the National Security Law on Hong Kong's economy”

BY Cherrie Leung, Yu Ze Toh, Sang Yoon Lee, Xuan Min Teoh
“When is the Supreme Constitutional Court stepping in? Investigating patterns of judicial response in Germany.”

By Aleksandra Butneva
“The Integration of Criminological Tools in Profiling Architects of Genocide”

By Madushvi Sooriyakumar, Lukas Rasmussen, Rosalie Röchert, Abid Zaidi
14.45-16.00Parallel Panel 2
Zoom ID: 840 0627 3534
Zoom ID: 883 3771 6399
Zoom ID: 874 3889 9636
“Challenges in Striking a Balance Between National Interest in Genome Engineering & International Bio-safety Protocols in the Post-COVID World”

By Kashmita Mewal
“Authoritarian Consolidation in Religious Diarchies: The Cases of Thailand, Iran and Argentina”

By Vernon Yian, Nicole Sekhon, Aalekh Dhaliwal, Nandita Modhubonti
“What is a Social Group? Adjudicating the Plural-Structuralist Divide in the Grounding of Social Groups”

By Jack Bissett
“The Decentralisation Sweet Spot: Balancing Accountability and Local Capacity in COVID-19 Crisis Management”

By Sarmed Hyder, Katya Broomberg, Sumer Singh, Joshua Challinor, Sofia Marchetti
“Skeptical Storytelling: Constructing a Taxonomy of Contemporary Canadian Climate Change Denial”

By Jaymes MacKinnon
“Perception of Black Lives Matter: How Society’s Views Have Shifted and Why It Matters”

By Sarah Kashani and Roxy Amirazizi
“Behind the COVID Curtain: Analyzing Russia’s COVID-19 Response on Twitter Using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning”

By Tal Feldman
“The Opioid Crisis and Republican Vote Share”

By Florian Sichart, Jacob Chapman, Brooklyn Han, Hasan Younis, Hallamund Meena
“Flower Power: Female Pro-Democratic Uprising and Its Impact on the Evolvement of Feminism in Belarus”

By Tatiana Krivobokova
16.00-16.30Closing Panel
Zoom ID: 875 7432 5561
Kitty Rae Thompson,
LSEUPR Marketing Director
Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey, LSE Government
LSEUPR Essay Competition winners showcase. Upcoming events for LSEUPR. How to get involved. Thanking guests.
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