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Sarmed Hyder

March 22nd, 2022

“Research Amidst Volatility”: 2022 LSEUPR Conference Programme


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Sarmed Hyder

March 22nd, 2022

“Research Amidst Volatility”: 2022 LSEUPR Conference Programme


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Thank you all for attending the LSEUPR Annual Conference for 2022! To stay up to date with all things LSEUPR, be sure to follow us on social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

If you encounter any difficulty during the Conference, please go to the with Zoom ID: 838 2749 0975 where UPR members can provide immediate help. Alternatively, you can email
13.00-13.30Opening Panel
Zoom ID: 838 2749 0975
Zoya Japanwala,
LSEUPR Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Florian Foos,
LSE Government
Welcoming guests. Keynote speech. Explanation of how the conference will run.
13.30-14.45Parallel Panel 1
Zoom ID: 881 1533 1306
Zoom ID: 822 5390 0908
Zoom ID: 886 2927 2382
“Just War in the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan”

By Weija Zhang, Nura Halim, Charles Yu, and Carmen Pegas
“Emotions and Korea-Japan Relations”

By Sean Starkweather
“The 2020 Colonial Pipeline Oil Spill: Accident or Moral Disaster?”

By Leonardo Salvatore
“The European Migration Crisis: A Product of the Neoliberal Project"

By Ellie Fischer
“Freeze, Thaw, or Both? Impact of the Ukrainian Frozen Conflict on South Ossetian Resolution Discourse”

By Eva Kristinova
“Say ‘watt’?: Challenging the discursive hegemony of British energy transition narratives”

By Antonia Syn
“Rand vs Anti-Randians: Responses to Major Criticism in Rational Egoism”

By Lisa Helga Kinspergher
“‘Saving the Middle East’: Rethinking Homonationalism and Media Consumption in the Context of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution”

By Salma Ghandour
“A Postcolonial Analysis of the Prevalence of Child Labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Mineral Exploitation”

By Leah Ennis
Discussant Presentation

By Mark Fernandes
Discussant Presentation

By Shunjie Zhao
Discussant Presentation

By Eshana Amarasinghe
14.45-16.00Parallel Panel 2
Zoom ID: 822 1702 3623
Zoom ID: 846 1486 8584
Zoom ID: 886 2590 7340
“Gender & Corruption: the Importance of Reputational Costs”

By Yara Antoniassi and Fernanda Oliveira
“Redefining Class and Retiring Occupation-Based Analysis”

By Kieran Hurwood, Jake Fazzio, Thomas Walsh and Doga Erkan
“Beliefs and Emotions in Brazilian Politics: Bolsonaro’s Government Evaluation and Religious Feelings in Minas Gerais State”

By João Cardoso Lara Camargos
“Democratisation and Economic Growth”

By Nancy Luo, Darrelyn Yong, Nina Butruk and Bosco Hung
“The Unenfranchised: Political Exclusion and the Parliamentary Representation of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK Parliament”

By Grace Cooper
“Globalization and Right-wing Populism in Germany: Can Import Competition Losses Explain the Rise of the AfD?”

By Nico Leipold
“Israeli Defence Force Veteran Reintegration: The Effect of IDF Military Capital on Israeli Veteran Homelessness and Israel’s Incubator of Innovation”

By Megan Cistulli
“Trickle-Down Trends: How Shifts in Parties’ Bases Spread Across Electoral Arenas”

By Darren Janz
“‘We are not gypsies, they are gypsies’ – The Politics of Roma Representation within the Romanian Community”

By Tabita-Gabriela Juravle
16.00-16.30Closing Panel
Zoom ID: 838 2749 0975
Sarmed Hyder,
LSEUPR Editor-in-Chief

Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey,
LSE Government
LSEUPR Essay Competition winner showcase. Upcoming events for LSEUPR. How to get involved. Thanking guests.
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